About Catalina Castano

CATALINA CASTANO’S penchant for design began at a young age as she searched for inventive and unique ways to rearrange and restyle her childhood home in Colombia. She began her professional design career in South Carolina after earning a degree in interior design. Her Colombian roots remained with her, infusing her design sense with the colorful and vibrant culture and architecture of her home country. Yearning to broaden her experience, Catalina moved to New York, expanding her design horizons.

Catalina has been an interior designer for over 12 years, previously working for several prestigious New York design firms such as Mark Zeff, where she worked for 6 years and was the director of residential design. Yearning for a brand of her own she branched out to open her own design firm. Her portfolio includes work from all over the world, including United States, England and Italy.

Working with such diverse clients has allowed Catalina to build a diverse repertoire of experience, which has allowed her to hone her skills in both traditional and modern design styles. Catalina’s style embodies livable luxury, creating spaces that are sophisticated and elegant, yet approachable, and grounded in comfort. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, Catalina finds the beauty of nature to be a constant source of creativity, stimulating color pallets and design schemes.

Catalina believes that great design is a fusion of a designer’s expert style merged with the personality of the client. Her work is not dictated by a specific style, but by the individuality of the people living in the space, along with the physicality and emotion of the space itself. She finds it vital, in order to create livable spaces, to listen to the needs of the client, collaborating to create the best solutions for a space. She works very closely with the architect, contractor and vendors to provide the client with the best services and products for their home